Have to learn another Web language?

LANSA says goodbye to HTML, JS and CSS!

Finally, an environment for building responsive Web applications without mastering a half dozen different Web languages and technologies!

With LANSA, you can build responsive, transactional Web applications with a single language for the client-side, server-side and everything in between.

Attend this Webinar and see LANSA's brand new Web development tool in action and learn how to:

  • Build your entire Web application without writing a single line of HTML, JavaScript, or CSS code. Never. Again.
  • Design responsive Web sites for phones, tablets and PCs without using Bootstrap or other front-end frameworks.
  • Read, insert, update, or delete data on the server without having to refresh the entire Webpage — or code any AJAX, REST, or JSON.
  • Embed client-side validation checks and business logic inside your Web pages without writing any JavaScript.
  • Create Web apps with a powerful desktop-style user experience.

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